Pastor Search Information

The River Community Church is seeking a new senior pastor to replace our current Teaching Pastor and Executive Pastor.  We are a neighborhood oriented church with average worship attendance of 130 people.  Our mission is to gather in worship, grow in faith, and go and share the love of Christ. Our vision is to grow in our current location until we are able to help start another neighborhood church within the greater Iowa City area.  

Qualified candidates should have a seminary degree, at least 5 years of pastoral experience, and ministry gifts of Pastor/Teacher, Equipper, and Shepherd.  He should be able to work well with members of the community and with other churches.

Job Description

A. Character: As Paul described to Timothy (I Timothy 3:1-7) and to Titus (Titus 1:5-9), those who hold the office of elder/pastor must be men who demonstrate Christlike character. The senior pastor must be growing in godliness, as described in these letters, and leads us, with a shepherdʼs heart, in grace and peace.

B. Prayer: The senior pastor must be committed to prayer in his individual life and in our church life.

C. Preaching/Teaching: The senior pastor will have primary responsibility for preparing and delivering messages from the Scriptures. Sermons should be a balance of sound biblical exegesis with practical church and individual application. He must be devoted to growing in his knowledge of the Word. He also should give oversight and guidance to the various teaching ministries of The River.

D. Purpose/Vision: The senior pastor will be responsible to continually set before the congregation its glorify God in all things through loving God corporately and individually, loving others within the church and outside of her, and cultivating disciples both globally and locally. He will work with the leadership team in setting forth the vision for more specific ways to achieve our purpose.

E. Discipling/Mentoring: The senior pastor will be responsible for mentoring and coaching associate pastors, discipling individuals towards Christlikeness and service, and in working with the elders in raising up leaders within the church.

F. Evangelism: In cooperation with the Leadership Team, the senior pastor will identify the demographics of the surrounding community, and continually work towards envisioning new ways to proclaim the good news of the Kingdom of God throughout our city and the nations. We encourage cooperative efforts with our sister Converge churches, especially Genesis.

G. Counseling: The senior pastor will be available to counsel members of the church or the community with their spiritual, physical, or emotional needs which includes hospital visits, office counseling, and/or home visits. With discernment, he will refer some individuals to other qualified professionals. He will also provide pre-marital counseling, perform marriage ceremonies, or preside at funeral services.

H. Communication: The senior pastor will make regular contributions to church newsletters, blogs, or other forms of communication.

I. Oversight: The senior pastor will have oversight of the corporate worship gatherings, in collaboration with other leadership team members, including all teams that are involved in the corporate worship experience: greeters, ushers, musicians, A/V team, and children’s ministries. He will work with the presiding Elder, to establish the agenda for leadership team meetings. He also will have oversight of the administrative staff and associate pastors.

J. Serving/Helping: The senior pastor will be expected to support, promote, and participate in community events sponsored by the church and to recognize and respond to needs within the church body.

K. Self-Management: The senior pastor will be responsible for setting yearly objectives and developmental goals, managing the execution of those objectives and goals, and seeking out advice from other staff and leaders in ways to better shepherd the congregation.