Frequently Asked Questions

What’s a typical service look like?

Our morning service starts at 10am on Sunday. Normally we begin with a welcome from a person on leadership, which then transitions into a time of worship through songs. After that the pastor will preach for about 30 minutes, just a little longer than an Office episode. We then have a time of tithes and offerings. The entire service lasts one hour, and we respect your time, so we stick to that time! Come and enjoy community with God and others! You won’t regret it.

What’s the parking situation like?

We have free parking! We are on the outskirts of downtown, so there is plenty of parking on the east and west side of the church.

What is there for my kids?

We have programming for all kids birth through 12th grade! Our kids ministry is called Kids Creek. We have a nursery service for babies through toddlers. You may drop them off before the service begins to one of our qualified and excited volunteers. During this time they play, meet new friends, and have a blast!

Any kids between the ages of 5 and 12 will stick around for a time of worship with the entire church, and Pastor Joshua will dismiss them before the sermon begins. At this time they will go to the kids wing to participate in “kids church.” They will learn, play games, and sing songs. We teach the same lesson that the adults learn on their own level to increase family engagement with the material. Parents and kids will all learn on their own level!

Make sure to check in any kids birth through 12 years old for their safety.

When should I arrive?

Plan to come at least 15 minutes before our service. This will allow enough time to park, check your kids in, and to grab some coffee, and even catch up with some friends, all before the service begins. No one likes to be rushed!

How do I join the church?

Whoa there, let's not rush into things. Finding the right church is like dating. It takes time to see if we are a fit. We would recommend participating in a sermon, meeting our church family, and maybe attending a special event and/or Grow Group. If you are challenged by the sermons, encouraged by the people, and interested in being more involved we can talk about membership, but being our guest and simply attending is the first step. If you decide that you want to call this church "home," membership involves taking a short class to get to know this church's history and beliefs. At the end of class you are invited to be an intimate part of reaching the community with us. 

What denomination is The River?

We do not have a denomination per se, but we do have a conference we belong to. We are a member of Converge Worldwide. This is a conglomeration of different churches with differing beliefs choosing to put aside our differences for the sake of supporting church planting and outreach. We major on the majors and lovingly debate the minors. We have pastors like John Piper and Greg Boyd who do not agree on much, but they put aside those differences for the sake of the gospel. We have Arminians and Calvinists. We have postmillennialists as well as pre- and amillennialists. In other words, we value beliefs that have a historical grounding and come from orthodox theology. This means that the one thing we all have in common is a strong commitment to the inerrancy of God's Word and Christ for our salvation. These are the non-negotiables that make us who we are. 

How do I contact the church for ______?

Facilities of The River are available for community meetings and events.  For information on availability and rental rates, please email Nick LeWarne, at

How do I join a group?

We have multiple groups at The River, which all meet different needs. Normally we encourage those who are new to church to join us after the service to a time of Grow Groups. This will be a time to understand what groups are normally like at The River.

If you’d like to have a small church feel so that you can get to know people on a personal and family level, we’d encourage you to join one of our small groups.

We also have other groups that include men, women, young adult/college, youth, and outreach ministries. Navigate to our Grow section on our page to learn more! Keep an eye out for any upcoming events for some of our groups here at church.

How do I volunteer in the ____ ministry?

Fill in the blank with facility, youth, hospitality, worship team, outreach, or driving ministries. Please either contact or fill out a Connection Card here at church to let us know. Connection Cards can be found in the pews, and they are very easy to fill out. Simply check off any ministry to let us know what you’d like to do, and someone will follow-up with you shortly after.

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